Copy of P1040701Welcome and thanks for visiting my website. I say ‘my’ website only because I actually write the diaries but it’s not just about me. All these amazing adventures I’ve shared with my beautiful husband, Mark. For the last twenty years we’ve travelled the world (well, a lot of it) – a few times with our daughter and grand-daughters and a few times with friends but mainly just the two of us. A couple of earlier trips were with Intrepid Travel but, as good as they were, we realised that we’d rather do it on our own.

My favourite past-time is to plan a trip – reading travellers’ blogs, taking some advice from TripAdvisor and always with the help of the Lonely Planet guidebooks. We love to visit more exotic countries and have only been to Europe once in all those years. Don’t want to sound clever, but I figure we can do those sorts of countries when we’re less hale and hearty.

For now, we like to go a bit off the beaten track, not always literally but more culturally, if that makes sense. We love countries where the religion, culture, food, language, everything …. is different to home. Want to be amazed every day.

And while we are backpackers, you won’t find us climbing mountains or trekking for weeks on end. But we always travel by local bus or train and stay in the cheapest places we can find – much more fun that way and always an experience.

As of now we’ve been on 35 trips and visited 34 countries. I still have a lot more diaries to write up and many more countries to visit with Mark. So much more to see.

The world is a beautiful place!


And, why the title Very Big Adventures? Every time we go away, our dear little grand-daughters always say, ‘Ma and Pa are going on a bewy big abenture’. We couldn’t call it anything else.

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